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Who We Are

  • IMA LLC was founded in 1993 to address the needs of institutional and other “qualified” investors with interests in structured and more complicated financings.
  • Since our founding we have been engaged for various roles and services including as an Advisor, a Co-investor, a General Partner, and a Managing Member.
  • We have participated in over 30 different structured finance transactions with an aggregate asset value in excess of $2.5 billion.

How we achieve success

  • Completing project financings, asset acquisitions and dispositions.
  • Managing clients’ tax-oriented investments as well as investments measured solely on EBIT.
  • Providing institutional and qualified investors with professional services. Investors can avoid the overhead of “in-house” personnel, infrastructure, etc.


Maximize investor returns; Minimize investor costs


Investment Management

  • Designing a pro-active management plan
  • Reporting at regular intervals to our clients; assisting with regulatory filings, investment administration, etc.
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Advisory Services

  • Addressing specific assets as well as systemic portfolio concerns/opportunities
  • Serving as a General Partner (for Equity), or an “accommodation owner” (for Lenders)
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  • Selling an asset (“remarketing”)
  • Designing and implementing unique residual recovery strategies

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